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Managing director - editorial

Last season we continued our quest for the highest standard of representation for our clients with some outstanding results.

With the commencement of the FA’s “Respect” campaign there was a desire from the Governing body that behaviour of participants must improve. I think it is fair to say that there has been improvement in certain areas of the game. However it’s clear that irrespective of the “Respect” campaign, when an incident occurs on or off the pitch which incenses players and managers their passion still shines through and the campaign does get forgotten. It is important that the FA recognises this and does not get too carried away with trying to reinforce its message. Importantly though, based upon the publication of disciplinary cases on the FA’s website it would appear that disciplinary issues outside the professional leagues seems to be of a high
number and that must be a worry for the FA. If they want the Respect Campaign to work then they must look to addressing the issues at those levels of football.

So far this season Football Factors has had a variety of cases to deal with but it seems that the FA’s transfer audit interviews cause concern for clubs even when they have dealt with transfers entirely properly. We have been asked to offer support to individuals at those interviews by being in attendance with them. Please bear this mind if your club is audited and interviews are necessary. You MUST have representation at those interviews for guidance and support and for your own benefit. Please bear this in mind when you receive your letter requesting an interview – by having someone present with you it can only help you.

The services provided by Football Factors can be used by all levels of the professional and semi professional game with payment plans adapted to cater for all budgets. And don't forget, once retained our services don't just cover the First Team - our arrangements cover every team under your Club's jurisdiction.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office on a no obligation, totally confidential basis on any matter, on or off the field, at any level. I'm sure, like many of our clients, you will be impressed with the level of service and advice you receive once we start to work for you against the football authorities.

Graham Bean
Managing director